Ok, so you and your love need some time together to rekindle the flame or just to have some fun because it’s just been too long since you’ve had fun together. You check your bank account and it laughs at you mockingly for your disrespectful attempt to get money from it when none is there and let’s face it rarely is there.

These are some things you guys can do together when money is funny. Here’s a side note for those who are not financially challenged: you can do it to.

So, for all those who either can’t afford to do some things with your loved one that you would like too, or for those who just want to do something thoughtful, different, and simple here goes nothing!


This one is an easy one to pull off. Even the most romantically challenged of us can plan a picnic. The menu can be whatever you want it to be from home and it can be easily done at a moment’s notice so it makes for an easily spontaneous arrangement, which you should get points for. Whatever you and your significant other like as snacks, takeout, home-cooked meal it doesn’t matter. The important part is you can do something spontaneous, inexpensive, and thoughtful to you and your honey’s specifications. It truly is the thought that counts.


The simplicity is perfect. It’s free you get exercise and you can walk hand in hand or arm in arm, your call. You can tell each other how much you love or care for one another and remember the days when you first met. Put one foot in front of the other and go wild. One piece of advice watch the weather unless bad weather turns you on then go for it.


We could have called this Netflix and chill, but that has seemed to take on another meaning these days. Although, we aren’t stopping you from you having some extracurricular fun before, during, or after the movie. For our partners that aren’t at that point this is an easy and simple date. We would suggest picking the movie together, sharing some popcorn, and each other’s company. So, grab a movie, a sofa and just enjoy each other’s company.


This one has everything you need touch, sensuality, oils, and each other. Set the timer and take turns giving each other massages. The timer is so no one cheats equal opportunity enjoyment for both here. This is a great way to enjoy each other by touch. This does not have to turn sexual and we actually recommend that it doesn’t in this case you can always jump each other’s bones later for now just show each other your love with your hands, it can be a great way to bring you closer together.   

Hey, there are a lot of things that could be added to this list we intentionally kept it small. It tends to be easier to make up your mind to do something when the list isn’t a hundred things long. We hope you can use one or all of the things on this list to reintroduce simple fun and romance back into your relationship. Jay-Z isn’t the only one allowed to reintroduce him or herself. Have fun and feel free to email us with tips you’d like to share to have added to future lists that have worked for you. So, we will definitely come back to this topic. Enjoy!