A Few Ways to Decide if It’s Time to Pop the Question

So, you spend all of your time with your girlfriend and you start asking yourself futuristic questions. Is she the one? Am I ready to settle down? Is this love or infatuation? All of these questions can go through a man’s mind when he is deciding if his girlfriend is his forever love. So, if you’re thinking about it here are some tips to help you decide.

#1 You Constantly Think About Her and She Has Clothes On

Call your friends and have them slap some sense into you. You couldn’t possibly be thinking about things other than sex, can you? This is actually a common indicator that your relationship has matured, and you’re interested in all of her not just her body and what she will let you do to it, and it’s a good thing. Sex most times complicates things and can make us mistake feelings for attraction. In a sound relationship you want both feelings and attraction and thoughts like these are definitely telling you feelings exist and it’s a natural progression for a good relationship.

#2 Thinking About the Future and Assuming She’s There

This is actually a really big first step. If you’re thinking about a vacation and assuming your girlfriend is there because she’s hot is not the same thing. However, if you’re thinking about buying something in the future and do something as simple as saying to yourself, she’ll help me figure it out is extremely different. These are the types of things that tell us that at least subconsciously the thought is somewhere in the back of your mind. Don’t be afraid it’s simply one of the things that is beginning to tell you it’s time.

#3 Having Thoughts of Wanting to Take Care of Her

Men are protective and territorial by nature. When we are past that I like having you as my partner stage, we want to take care of our significant other when we hear that they are going through times. It means we are invested, and we have entered into the mindset of forever. It may seem weird to get all of that out of those thoughts but it’s true. How often have you ever had thoughts of taking care of someone you’re dating without thoughts of wanting to marry that person as well. We have a human side of seeing someone go through a tough time and feeling sorry for them but wanting to take on those tough times yourself is very different.

#4 Marriage Conversations No Longer Scare the Crap Out of You

Honestly, I don’t think most men are actually scared of marriage if anything any possible fears come from hearing things too soon. When we know it’s time the thought or the conversation doesn’t scare us at all. We may be quiet during the conversation but if we don’t end the conversation it means we have thought about it and see it as a possibility. Once that happens you my friend are nearing the decision to finally pop the question.   

Everyone is not the same so don’t psych yourself out if you haven’t felt or done some of these things. There are always possible scenarios that can change things for personal reasons. Obviously, there can be even more things that can be added to this list and feel free to share with us what did it for you. The number one thing to remember overall is to make sure you’re sure before you pop the question. Ignored uncertainty can hurt all involved and you both deserve better than that. So, think it through and decide if it’s time for you to say I do!