It's About Relationships

Relationship Revitalization™. It’s more than a marketing gimmick; it’s who we are. We don’t just ‘do’ relationship therapy. We live and breathe uplifting people as they build happy, healthy relationships, taking each day as an opportunity to hone our craft, and pass on our insight to the wonderful people we work with.

There truly is no “one size fits all.” Different relationships have different challenges, dynamics and ultimately, desires. Your relationship utopia will be worlds apart from the person beside you at the grocery store, and that’s what makes our planet a beautiful melting pot. We are passionate about supporting our clients in their relationship journey, taking time to truly learn about them, their quirks, their needs, and their wants. Whether they are focusing on parenting, romantic relationship issues, affair recovery, divorce, blended family coaching, or any other relationship difficulties, we tackle your issues head-on, with your happiness at the forefront of everything we do.

Feel empowered to take on relationships with confidence. The tools, skills and strategies to live the life YOU want to lead.

Monica McClain-Reese, MA LCDC LPC-S

So, who is the woman behind the name? Half of Relationship Revitalization™, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor in the state of Texas, brimming with an innate desire to help transform the lives of the clients I work with, guiding them through their relationship plights.

It’s no secret that helping couples is my passion. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, and something that fills me with joy – hey, I could shout from the rooftops about all of the key factors that go into making a relationship long-lasting, filled with genuine happiness. At my core, I thrive in an environment where I can bring new life and energy into my clients’ relationships.

Now, that is not to say I’m under any illusion that repairing, rekindling or improving a relationship is smooth-sailing. In fact, it can often be quite the opposite, with such intense emotions involved.  Being in a long-term relationship has its challenges and trying to overcome those obstacles and barriers to having a healthy fulfilling relationship can be difficult. And I’m no stranger to it myself! My husband and I have embarked on a journey together for over 19 years, continually taking steps to improve our connection and relationship in general.

So, a little bit about my home life! Married with two children, Darrell and I have always dreamt of passing on our knowledge to those who are in need of a couple of helping hands. We love to help others, and so we made the decision to turn to relationship therapy to provide couples with an arsenal of tools to facilitate a healthier, happier relationship. A combination of our extensive industry experience, and lessons we were forced to learn along our 19-year journey together, led to a winning blend which has helped hundreds of couples to mend their deteriorating partnership.

It all started during the first steps in my career, when I became a special education teacher in the public-school system, where I remained for 17 years. Then, a decade ago I decided to take a leap of faith and open a private practice, where I have been working as a psychotherapist treating couples and families in Houston, Texas ever since.

And when I’m not guiding you through your tough times? An avid traveller, I can usually be found enthralled in a book or on a cliff-top with my husband and two dogs. I love to grab life by the horns, which is something I take with me into my work, showing you and your life partner that you can live your best life and overcome obstacles, finding peace and love within your family!

Darrell Reese MS LMFT-A

I have had an accomplished career, having divided my time between IT, sales, and teaching. From the outside-in they’re all high-flying, respectable roles, but after canvassing my thoughts, I realized that finding my wife was my greatest accomplishment of all.

I have been married for 19 years and it’s singlehandedly the aspect of my life that I look back on with pride. It has brought me two beautiful children, and a life of love and happiness. While things aren’t always picture-perfect, I feel blessed to wake up to such a wonderful life each day – and I know that not everybody can say the same – so I wanted to pass on what I have learned to others looking for a listening ear and some words of wisdom.

Ultimately, Relationship Revitalization was created to help couples find what I have found — a loving and happy relationship. Of course, my wife and I have had ups and downs over the years, just like any couple! To us, staying together and working through the obstacles we have been faced with has enabled us to ride many more ups than downs. A team, where we always have back-up, no matter what life throws our way.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, I want to be able to help couples everywhere to rekindle the love that they once knew. Whether it’s a feeling of ‘home’, a butterfly-inciting event, or complete security, love means something different to everybody. But whatever it means to you, it’s important to remember that every fire needs stoking and rekindling to stay lit long term. Our goal? To be the key to a fire that never goes out!