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A Few Ways to Decide if It’s Time to Pop the Question So, you spend all of your time with your girlfriend and you start asking yourself futuristic questions. Is she the one? Am I ready to settle down? Is this love or infatuation? All of these questions can go through a man’s mind when

The Couple’s COVID-19 Care Package

Life right now can be a tough time for many couples, the time you wish you had together is now possible but all you can think about is ways to get away with murdering your significant other. First, off put down your weapons and remember you love this person that is now driving you crazy.

4 Ways to Find That Lost Intimacy

Losing intimacy in your marriage can for some be the beginning of the end of your relationship. Intimacy is something we all need in a relationship even though it means different things to different people. Even if you and your partner have different love languages or don’t even know what your languages are, in which